Monday, February 1, 2016

February & March maintenance

redoing roof and wall fabrics (thick canvas)

Please note that we'll do some maintenance and upgrade work for the restaurant and cabanas in February and March 2016. 

The restaurant might be closed for 10 days while we rebuild its roof but the hotel will remain open. Breakfast will still be served to our guests during the period and we have plenty of nice suggestions for lunch and diner in Arugam Bay including : Mambo's (for breakfast, 150m from our position), Hideaway, Tandoori Hut, , Water Edge Surf resort, Samanthi's, Thaththa's, Siam View, Gecko, Beach Hut, Why Not, Happy Panda (for breakfast), Surf'n Sun and many others.

We'll try to keep the work running fast while preserving the quietness of the place, but it may a bit more noisy during day time. Thank you for your comprehension.

February 29th update :

So far we have complete our 3 first glam cabanas (built in 2014) and the Kiosk (built in 2015).
What's new?
- a brand new roof which will be 100% waterproof unlike the whole cajunas roof we had before. Benefit : Water and dust are no longer dripping, more light, less bugs
- the bathroom now have walls made of thick kaki army oil canvas instead of cajunas, which should keep most of the bugs away
- cement wall are slightly higher (20cm average)

We are now looking forward to upgrade the restaurant and staff building roofs.

March 23rd update :
The restaurant restoration will be happening starting of tomorrow March and hopefully be completed by march 29th or 30th. During that period, the restaurant will be closed and if we can manage it, we'll be serving breakfast but for guests only. Once again, we are very sorry for the inconveniences it may bring but it's a bad for a good. The restaurant will be so much better then. Thank you.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

On Stilts Cabana Project

our project of eco friendly cabana

Would you like to stay in those?
What changes would you bring?
What do you like or dislike?
Feel free to tell us what you think about them.

Facilities / equipment of the room :
- 1 double bed or 2 single beds (only one room) with mosquito net
- Attached bathroom with shower (no water heating system but the cabana's private tank is in full sun)
- Desk and closet
- Private sunbeds
- No AC but roof fan and natural ventilation will garantee a permanent air flow

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We are really proud and happy to be online!

Even if this Website is far from being finished, all the team at Upali is really glad to see it online.
In the upcoming weeks, we are looking forward to replace all the "coming soon" messages by their relevant content and not only to give you information about our resort but about everything you may need to prepare your trip and spend the most memorable time in Arugam Bay.

Please feel free to leave your comments on our blog posts or to contact us whenever you feel the need to. We'll be glad to help you and answer all the questions you may have regarding our resort or your stay in Arugam Bay.

Our area has a lot to offer and we have no better objective than to help you seize the most of it.

Shall we encourage you to watch this video we made to show how Arugam Bay is  perfect even off season?

To those asking :
- Who is the surfer at the end of the movie?
- It's Asanka, our beloved boss and the best srilankan surfer over the last 8 years.

- Main Point is a right hand wave and the movie mostly shows lefts, how come?
- Because off season we surf the beach break 200m south from our position. A short ride but an usually quite big and super hollow left (sometimes violent due to the backwash and hence more suitable to advanced surfers). The off season beach break gives right handed waves as well)