Thaththa’s roti shop (between pj’s boutique hotel and freedom cabanas) is one of the best place to get a quick and affordable srilankan lunch snack. Besides being the fishermen’s rendez-vous they make the best rotis in town and tasty vegetable triangles. Our favorite : their excellent roti with minute maid guacamole
    Seahorse Inn definitely offers the best pizzas in town and delicious dishes with new specials every day (sunny western recipes). Our favorite : the feta, olives and capers
      Hideaway is the most acclaimed table in town, nested in a lushy garden with sophisticated dishes and excellent service. Our favorite : the risotto with coconut milk, lemon grass and jumbo prawns!
        Samanthi’s is just the best place to enjoy an authentic srilankan rice & curry but make sure to order at least 3 hours in advance. no secret about it, a good curry needs time (off and low season : better order before 12pm). Our favorite : the chicken rice & curry
          The Blue Cafe (@ Hideaway) prepares creative and subtle sandwiches to be enjoyed on the cafe‘s bench on the main road or under their shady garden along with surprising fresh juices. Our favorite : the broke the mouth

          Father's kitchen (new place) is a good restaurant on the main road facing Maya shop. Our favorite : The lemon chicken
            Beach Hut is a very good pick for an affordable and tasty diner, friendly service, warm and laid back atmosphere. they have a diner formula every night and sometimes do beach barbecue. definitely the place to meet easy going people and backpackers. Our favorite : The fish & chips, a perfectly grilled slice of sear fish
              Stay Golden Such a great setting for a romantic diner on the beach! Rihan and his team serve good food in a very quiet and intimate atmosphere. Our favorite : The chicken devil
                Siam View on the main road (with a red public phone cabin in the front) serves really good thaï food. Our favorite : the panang curry and its tasty creamy peanut curry sauce
                  Dragonfly/Tandoori Hut (behind Paradise Hotel ex Soorias) is a new comer in our list, Fathi serves excellent food in his wood nested restaurant just far away enough from the main road to get a break from the noise. Our favorite : The tandoori chicken

                  Why Not? After being settled for many years on the main road in front of Aloha where he built a well deserved reputation, Gan has moved his restaurant right on the beach near Watermusic road.
                  Excellent and affordable seafood. Our favorite : Gan's pasta with prawns

                  Karma Garden Right at the beach entrance behind Siripala Place, so just a 5 min walk from us, this new place is the first vegan restaurant in Arugam Bay. The food is super fresh and tasty and they have a big choice of smoothies. Our favorite : The Humus on toasts