Environmental consciousness is quite a new concept in Sri Lanka and will require continuous and long time efforts to be turned into a reality. It's not just about this beach, Arugam Bay and our life time but about the whole planet and the future generations well being and survival.

At Upali Beach Surf Resort, even if we are not yet 100% eco, which demands time, commitment and money, we are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible and to reduce as much as we can our environmental footprint. We try to improve our environmental behavior every year and we are always keen on getting advices and suggestions.

All our cabanas have been built with the idea that they should merge with their environment and that's why they are made of wood topped by a coconut leaves roof. While some people were dreaming of building a huge concrete resort (and cash machine) facing Main Point, Asanka has always declined all this offers as whatever high and heavy construction built here would most probably have a very bad impact on the sand dune and Main Point surf break, not to mention the obvious impact on this preserved natural site wild beauty.

We kindly ask our guests and visitors to help us protect this fragile eco system so that it remains as much as it is now and why not, to improve and reinforce it further more for our grand children and their children to seize it.

What's our new step for 2017?

This year we have decided to get rid of plastic as much as possible. Not only every empty plastic bottle doesn't end up in a dust bin but there is no real recycling so far in Arugam Bay. 

Therefore we have decided to stop selling any beverage coming in a plastic bottle, starting with water. 

Unfortunately the water we get from our well is slightly salted and can't be purified to make it drinkable. So we'll still have to get our water from 20 liters reusable containers. Just by doing that we'll prevent 10 000 bottles which is more or less equal to half a ton (500kg) from coming to Main Point every year.  

Starting from april 2017, the water will be sold by the glass and by the pitcher using a water fountain and water from American Water company. We hope our guests will understand and support this decision by not bringing bottled water from outside. On our side, we'll also cut the price of the water, which should be 100slr per liter instead of 200slr last year and 50slr by the glass. Each room (on double occupancy basis) will also get a complimentary pitcher of 1l per day on demand.