There is no pharmacy in Arugam Bay although you will be able to find paracetamol (Panadol) and bandage tape in almost all mini-markets on the strip. To buy most medications, you'll need to go to Pottuvil (5km) and ask for JESPA pharmacy. The owner and his staff speak rather good English. They have most medications and can always order what they don't have.

Downtown Arugam bay, there is a small dispensary on the main road, opposite the Buddha's junction.
For any serious injury, we suggest that you head to the public state hospital of Pottuvil. Care and medication are free of charge in State Hospitals however a donation is always welcome. You shouldn't have to buy your medication in the hospital, it should be given to you for free at the prescription counter unless the doctor gives you a prescription for the pharmacy.


- Medications
You will be able to buy almost any medication, including antibiotics, most often without prescription.
But if you are under treatment we advise you to take with you the right amount for the total duration of your stay as well as a copy of your prescription.
As much as possible seek a medical advice from your personal Doctor before starting any auto medication.

- Bandages
Since gauze pads are hard to find and there are no waterproof bandages available make sure to bring your own.
Each and every skin damage has to be disinfected and covered immediately to avoid infection. A perfect hygiene of the smallest wound is mandatory in tropical conditions or it may get infected and lead you to an antibiotic treatment within a few days only.

- Surgery
We urge you to subscribe to a good medical travel insurance before coming to Sri Lanka in case you would need surgery. The best hospitals such as Lanka Hospital are located in Colombo which is a 6 to 8 hours drive... or a one and half hour helicopter flight, choice is yours.
Thanks to surfers the staff in Pottuvil hospital is very well trained and does great stitches.

- Tampons
Ladies, you won't be able to find tampons in Sri Lanka excepted in a few places like Union pharmacy in Colombo, Sea fair in Galle and Ranreka in Hikkaduwa.

- Sunscreen
There is no good sunscreen available in Arugam Bay. Make sure to bring enough high protection sunscreen for the first days at least and a good sunburn/after sun lotion just in case.