All the roads come to A Bay depending on your schedules, budget and special requirements :
3-wheelers (tuktuk), bus, train & bus, minivan, plane or helicopter…

Safest and most confortable option : The private minivan

Arugam Bay is approximatively 320 kms from Colombo but reaching A Bay in a van may take from 5.30 up to 9 hours depending on the day and hour of pick-up as Colombo and its suburbs may be quite jammed between 7 am and 9 pm.
Tip : Get a flight that lands before 5am or after 8pm in Colombo (outbound) and takes off after midnight (inbound).
The rate for a private minivan for a transfer (pick-up and drop) is usually around 120€/140$.
It's the best option if you have to carry surfboards or sport gears.
We always work with the same drivers to ensure the quality and safety of the driving and condition of the vehicles. Let us know if you want us to organize your pick-up or transfer.
Transfers have to be paid in advance and are not refundable once confirmed.

Budget option : The public or private bus

Not the most secure nor the most confortable option but definitely the cheapest.
Not the most suitable if you get car sick, need to go to the bathroom or carry loads of luggages, boards of sport equipment.
Daily private and public direct bus lines leave from/to Colombo, Matara, Baticaloa, Monaragala.
For Kandy, Ella and Galle, you'll have to take at least 2 buses.
Please double check those information as they tend to change quite often :
Direct bus, no 98, departs twice a day from Pettah bus stand - Colombo to Pottuvil at 5 am and 8 pm and the journey will be around 8-9 hours the price is 3€ or 400slr. They may charge you an extra fee for big luggages, surfboards.
There is also a private bus which is around 1000-1500 slr from Maradona Station. Big luggage fee is 500 slr per piece.
You'll find the most up-to-date info about the bus between Colombo and Arugam Bay and much more on Arugam Bay Traveller.com

Most expensive options and sometimes fastest : Flying

Fly from Colombo to Matara, Mattala International Airport or Baticaloa.
If you want us to organize your airport pick-up / transfer, just let us know, we’ll do.
All info about flights on Srilankan Airlines subsidiary's Cinnamon Air Sri Lanka‎
On demand, we can also send inquiries for charter flights by plane or chopper (at least 2500 US$ one way)

Short distance alternative : The Three Wheeler (tuk-tuk)

From or to Ella, Buttala, Monaragala, Baticaloa and sometimes for the bravest Galle.
Travelling in a tuktuk gives you a little more freedom when you want/need to make a stop on the way. Quite a decent volume of luggages can be transported, even surfboards on the roof.
Ask us if you want to get a quote and a reliable driver.

Last but not least, taking the train

There is no train station in Arugam Bay or Pottuvil (5km from Arugam Bay)
So if you want to take the train, you may ride from Colombo or Kandy -> Ella or Haputale then bus / tuktuk / minivan to Arugam Bay.
Why would you do that? Because the journey between Kandy and Ella is just magnificent. 2 options : Full journey from Kandy to Ella or short one from Haputale to Ella.
You may also take the train from Colombo to Baticaloa, then the bus or a tuk-tuk. Why would you do that? Because it's fun and they have overnight sleeper train and also because taking the bus from Baticaloa to Pottuvil or Arugam Bay is easy (bus every 20 minutes). But it takes way more time than any other option and this train ride is not as panoramic as the one from Kandy to Ella.