• Kudimbigala temple in kumana national park (visit is free of charge) : after a 20 minutes hike you’ll be rewarded with such a spectacular 360° panorama over the jungle, the national park and Okanda beach.
    You can easily access the site (not all the way up though) with a bike, a tuktuk or a car.
    No entrance fee has to be paid. Make sure that you wear decent clothes as this is a holly place : For the ladies, no mini skirt, shoulders have to be covered. Near the Temple and Stupa, please take your shoes off. Don't smoke or drink alcohol and of course don't liter. Best moments to go there : Sunrise and sunset as it's very hot during the day even if quite often very windy... but the ride back in full darkness is more comfortable with a driver who knows the area and roads. But if you want to go on your own, it's pretty easy and there are very little chance that you get lost unless you really strive your best to. Don't forget to bring some water as you won't be able to purchase anything close by. Be aware that the way up is quite steep and therefore not always easy for kinds under 5 or 6yo.
  • Crocodile rock sunset : 360° point of view over the lushy paddy fields, the lagoon and the ocean from elephant rock to arugam bay main point. You can often spot wild elephants, peacocks and monkeys. Depending on the period of the year, you may also see the crocs.
    For the sunset, the best is to leave Arugam Bay at a quarter to five. You may also be able to observe local fishermen throwing nets in the lagoon. 200m walk on the beach from the end of the road and 5 minutes of very easy climbing. Kids and old people can easily access the site as long they can walk on their own or be easily carried.
  • Yala park east (kumana) safari : discover the national park which sometimes looks a bit like the african savana and hosts elephants, crocodiles, lepards, peacocks, ibis and many more species
  • . You will need to hire a jeep (4x4), usually around 10 000slr and to pay the entrance fees of the park including one guide. The key person is the driver who better know the roads in the park and be able to spot the wildlife.
  • Magul Maha Viharaya Temple : An ancient Temple in the jungle near Lahugala, 20 minutes from Arugam bay.
  • Muhudhu Maha Viharaya Temple : An ancient Temple very close from Pottuvil bridge which gets pretty animated during some poya celebrations.
  • Radella Tank : Get off the beaten tracks and ride inland toward Radella natural water tank. You can get there with a tuktuk or jeep, but to go really far inside you'll need a scooter or even better a dirt bike.
  • Lagoon safari : Cruse on a canoe based floating platform through the mangrove. You'll most probably spot elephants, crocodiles and definitely loads of birds. This excursion is suitable for kids.
  • Motorcycle ride in the jungle behind Pottuvil lagoon. You may spot elephants, buffalos, peacocks and monkeys.
  • Elephant rock climbing for the sunset. this one requires a bit of climbing and is not suitable with kids under 5 or 6yo. Outstanding view over the lagoon for sunset and over the surf spot.
  • Cooking classes at Eco Wave Arugam Bay (at the beginning of the strip when you come from Pottuvil)
  • Yoga classes every day during the season in different places (see the dedicated page for more info)
  • Boat fishing with the local fishermen. They will most probably ask you to pay for the petrol. If you decide to go, don't take anything that isn't waterproof, bring a hat, a long sleeves t-shirt, high factor sunscreen and some water.
  • Massages and much more...

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