Upali Beach is not a classic hotel and this page is intended to help you decide if the experience we offer is suitable for you.
Please read it carefully to know what to expect and avoid any disappointment before confirming your reservation.

Upali Beach is an eco-friendly glamping resort facing main point wave in Arugam Bay with no direct road access, one phase electricity, no city water supply and surrounded by nature and wild life, hence we don't offer the traditional hotels' experience and we are mostly but not only addressed to Robinson's soul travelers, surfers and everyone seeking for the closest to nature journey.

WALLS : All our cabanas' walls are made out thick canvas fabric even if some have the lower part built with concrete. So you can't expect them to be soundproof or lightproof. If you need full darkness or the sound of silence to sleep well, then Upali may not be the right place for you.

WILD LIFE : Upali is not a city hotel, we are beachfront and only surrounded by a sand dune, the jungle and a forest and wildlife conservation land. It is a wildlife territory and you may encounter monkeys, squirrels, country mice, monitors, ants, bugs, lizards, geckos, crows and even if it is fairly rare, scorpions and snakes. This implies one has to adapt a bit to prevent inconveniences or issues. Using a torch at night is mandatory wether on the property, on the beach and even more in the village's streets whenever it's too dark to see what you may be stepping on. Of course, there is no mute button to force the wildlife to silence (or the sound of the waves and wind).

SAND : We are set right on the beach and even if we do our best to give you cabanas free of sand, it comes/flies back very fast... If you can't stand the sand, Upali is not for you.

FOOD AND SNACKING : If you are keen on having night time snacks and need to keep food, fruits, cookies in your room, always keep them in the metallic box or wooden cupboard available in your room. We would most probably be able to provide containers on demand. By doing so, you'll keep the wildlife and bugs away from your cabana and belongings. Always be vigilant with the things you keep in your dustbin, if you're done with it, it doesn't mean it would no longer be appealing for the wild life.

AC, FAN AND TEMPERATURE : None of our cabanas has air conditioning. Main Point enjoys an almost permanent sea breeze and the open conception of our cabanas with traditional coconut leaves roofs and the addition of the fan is usually more than enough to grant very comfortable temperature. Most people can't even stand leaving the fan on during the night.

TOWELS : We do provide towels for our guests but they are made in a traditional lungi fabric (not terry towels). The pros are that they are drying super fast, don't require bleach to keep them white and in our opinion, look really beautiful.

BATHROOMS : Our water is coming from our 3 deep wells which means we don't rely on the very low city water supply. Most hotels in Arugam Bay experience water cuts from 8am to 8pm, we don't. But sometimes our water tanks get empty, we then only need to refill them which takes about 5-10 minutes. Just let us know (any staff member) and we'll run the water pumps. Please don't waste water, turn off the tap whenever you don't need it to flow.
Some of our bathroom don't have roof, open air bathroom is a great one of a kind experience but when it's raining. Don't keep anything that is not water resistant or can't dry easily in the bathroom when the weather is unpredictable or not fair.

WATER : Our water is not suitable for drinking and we don't use it either to rince food or to cook. It may sometimes be a little salty depending on the season. The drinkable water is delivered whenever necessary from the village in 20 liters reusable plastic tanks. We don't sell any plastic water bottles and demand our guests not to bring any from outside. Instead we are selling drinkable water cool/tempered by the glass or pitcher. All our cabanas get a complimentary daily 1 liter pitcher of water. (see our eco-friendly page for more details). Additional refills are charged 100 lkr instead of 150 for non sleeping guests.

ROOM CLEANING : Your room will be cleaned by our staff only on your demand. Please feel free to ask them to refresh your room whenever it is required. The bedsheets are changed every four nights but can be replaced earlier on demand whenever necessary.

ROAD ACCESS : We have no road access and the only way to reach Main Point is by walking on the beach. The distance from the main beach entrance is approximatively 300m and it takes 5 to 7 minutes. It's the price of quietness. Our staff will be glad to help you carry your luggage from the beach entrance and we can arrange a buffalo car for heavy loads and large parties (family/groups).

PARTIES AND NOISE DISTURBANCE : We have the chance of enjoying a quite remote situation from the beating core of the village while being easily accessible. In addition to that the main wind blows from the south during the season which helps pushing the noise away. But our closest neighbor (150m from our position) is Mambo and throws a party every saturday night from April to October. Hence it may happen that the sound reaches us... but it's always way better / quieter than in the village / bay, unless you stay land side. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent it and at least, we don't get the noise from all other places which occurs every single night during the season.

KEEPING YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE : Each kind of cabana has its own lockable facility wether metallic box, cupboard or electronic safe (all glam cabanas). We also have an electronic safe at the desk where small items, passports or cash can be kept safe. Even if we never experienced any major issue in the past, any valuable item should be kept locked in the room at all time, which is just common sense. In addition to this, the resort premises are permanently monitored by CCTV and patrolled by our dogs, Ingi & Mini.

DRIVER ROOM : Upali Beach is a small resort with a limited number of rooms. Therefore we are unable to provide accommodations for drivers. The village offers some solutions for them and we can always help them find one. Please be aware that their room and food costs are included in the daily rate you pay in your package. If you wish your driver to stay with you at Upali, you'll need to rent him a cabana and he will be considered like any other guest staying with us.

LOW SEASON : Please be aware that even if Arugam Bay is one of the driest spot in Sri Lanka, we also have a wet season from November to end of January, and we do get tropical showers. Most are short and you will get enough sun everyday to get fair enough sunburns but we may also have full rainy days once in a while. A beach resort with open cabanas is not a concrete building, open air bathrooms may sometimes overflow in the room. If you need full sunny days, large crowds of tourists, parties, perfect waves, etc., wait for the high season to visit us. On the other hand, if you want to see the flip side of the postcard, enjoy the silence, the wildlife, explore the surroundings, Kumana Park, Kudimbigala temple on your own, observe the fishing and rice farming activities at their peak, come and visit us during the low season, your experience couldn't be more genuine and we have special seasonal rates.

RESTAURANT : Our surf cafe is open for breakfast from 7am to 12pm and serve lunch and snacks from 12pm to 6pm. The restaurant is always closed for diner but on special nights or with prior reservation. During the low season, we only cater a limited menu. We can organize delivery from some restaurants in Arugam Bay. We don't add any surcharge on the meals but charge a delivery fee of 500 lkr per meal/person.

PETS : We have dogs and cats on the property. The dogs are very friendly and should be regarded as part of our security team. They may bark at night to signal intruders. Our cats are an essential component of our pests control team as they chase mice, squirrels (cute indeed but too keen on chewing fabric, soaps, etc.), geckos...