Arugam Bay Main Point reef break is sometimes ranked amongst the 10th best waves in the world and really desserves its reputation which started rising in the early 80's thanks to some australian surfers who have felt in love with this very long wave but also with Arugam Bay and its wild surroundings.

Upali beach Surf Resort was named after the father of the current owner, Asanka, who is also the best srilankan surfer since 2005. It's a long time family business and most of all the story of a family known for his hospitality and his love for surfing.

Upali was an excellent surfer, a warm and sunny tempered host who has created a very positive vibe at Main Point, which explains why you'll sometimes see some of his fellow surfers of the old days, both locals or foreigners, coming to Main Point for a tea and a surf session.

Upali Surf Resort has been rebuilt in 2013 where the Upali's old surf café was 30 years ago with the greatest respect for this beautiful land and trying to preserve the charm and assets of the place.
Asanka and his team, led by Hari the manager and his family, Anusha his wife and Kumar his father, strive their best everyday altogether to keep the spirit alive and deliver the best service to our guests.

Every year, we all try to bring new additions to our surf resort concept, so the story is not over, it's only starting.