We do not rent boards nor repair them (or give surf lessons) at Upali Beach Surf Resort.
But we can help you get sorted and mostly provide you with good tips.

The question is, do you want to rent a board or bring your own?
If you are on a surf trip, we recommend that you come with yours, as you will be more comfortable with your own gear, dodge the rental cost and also the potential extra costs if you ding or snap the board in 2 pieces, loose a fin, break a leash, etc.

It is also possible to get your board picked up at the airport by a driver who'll bring it straight to Arugam Bay while you discover the country. If you are interested in this option, let us know as soon as possible to give us a comfortable window to find the most cost effective solution.

If you are travelling and have only a few days surfing than the rental should be considered.

You'll find a great number of places renting boards in Arugam Bay all along the strip and a couple on the beach, mostly at Mambo and inside our premise from VJ (independent business partner).

You may find all kind of boards but not often in prime condition. A few SUP are available in Arugam Bay, some softtop boards as well even if many places keep them for the surf lessons.

It is very important to understand that surf gears are very expensive in Sri lanka due to the taxes and that very few places have insurance which can cover the damages. Therefore if you ding, break, etc., you will have to take care of the repair or replacement cost. Which is why we recommend that you bring your own board. This advice is also relevant for beginners planning to stay for 2 weeks or more. Buying a cheap softtop back home or a second hand board might be a very good option as the rental budget for 2 weeks might get close to 15 000slr / 100$. Add a bit and you'll own your board and dodge many potential headaches. And you'll always have the option to sell it in Arugam Bay before your departure.

This being said, back to the surfboard rental subject : The usual rental price is around 1000slr for a "classic" board in average condition and for a long period, you might get a bargain around 800slr.

If you decide to rent a surf, please follow those guidelines :
- always proceed to a full inspection of the board : look for dings that have not been fixed, repairs that don't look ok or too big which may weaken the global board structure, 

- inspect the fins to make sure they are tight properly, check the leash rope and velcro condition... Remember that if they break or if you loose them, you'll have to pay the price of a new item for their replacement.
- take a few snapshot of the board in the shop as a proof of its initial condition.
- ask the surf shop how much it will cost you if you ding the board, snap it in 2 pieces, loose or break the leash or the fins. So that you know what to expect and don't end up with a bad surprise if things turn bad.

Be aware that if you break a board in 2 pieces, it might cost you between half and the full price of the board for a brand new surf in perfect condition. Both are expensive issues, so getting a travel insurance which could cover those might be a good idea. Yes you don't break a board very often but it happens sometimes and when it does...


If you have a small ding and want a repair done by the book and to be almost invisible, we suggest that you travel with some tape or quick fix to prevent the water from entering and wait that you get back home to get a perfect fix.

One of the most common issue with repair is that it's very hard to get the best surf repair products in Sri Lanka. Don't expect it to be cheap for the same reason.

Nevertheless a few places are doing decent jobs : Richard at Main Point or VJ, Sanka on the main road, Joe's, Docteur Ding and Dylan Surf Company (facing Aloha resort) in the middle of the strip, which is also the place where you'll be able to purchase wax, fins, fin plugs, board bags and genuine surf wear.